1500 Club

The 1500 Club Cash Raffle is back, set for April 14, 2018!

Early Bird Winners for 2018 will be drawn on February 14 and March 14:

Amount Ticket #

Ticket Form

This event sold out last year, plan on joining in the fun and get your tickets early! You will have more than one chance to win in the various raffles, including the Early Bird Drawing and Grand Drawing. Only 1,500 tickets will be sold and a total of 246 prizes will be given away!

Two Early Bird Drawings will be drawn in February and March. All who have purchased a ticket and are paid in full by this date are eligible to win one of five prizes of: $500 - $350 - $250 - $100 - $50.

The Grand Drawing Celebration will be held in the Ministry Center on Saturday, April 14 from 6:30 - 9:00 pm. Each raffle ticket entitles admittance to two adults over 21. Refreshments and dinner will be served, but winners need not be present. We will publish a list of winning numbers in the Bulletin.

The First Phase of the drawing awards a total of $16,000 as follows:

75 winning numbers - $100 each

75 preceding numbers - $50 each

75 succeeding numbers - $50 each

The Second Phase of the drawing awards a total of $20,000 as follows:

Grand prize - $10,000 Fifth prize - $500

Second prize - $5,000 Sixth prize - $500

Third prize - $2,000 Seventh to eleventh prize - $200 each

Fourth prize - $1,000

IRS Regulations require Form W-9 be completed on all prizes of $600 or more.

Please consider purchasing a $50 raffle ticket. Your participation will help the Home School Association support our Catholic school. To purchase a ticket, fill in this form (making copies as needed for additional people requesting tickets) along with your $50 check payable to St Gregory the Great and mail to:

St. Gregory the Great

Attn: 1500 Club

200 St. Gregory Court

Williamsville, NY 14221

If you have additional questions, please contact any individual below:

*Event Co-Chairpersons: Donna Buckmaster (868-6374); JoAnne Mroziak (631-3393); Nora Weil (632-2271)

* Via email at 1500club@stgregs.org

Your official ticket will be sent to the address listed on the request form below by return mail. Thank you for supporting us to make this major fundraiser a great success. Don't miss out on your chance to win one of the great prizes. May God continue to bless you for your generosity!