Early Kindergarten

Students accepted have to have turned 5 years old between June 1, 2016 and December 1, 2016. Even though most are eligible for Kindergarten, this program was designed to give the chil­dren an extra year to mature both academically and physically (motor skills).

The EK program is based on academic and social skills in alignment with New York State standards. Our reading program is incorporated with the Magic Penny Reading Program. The children begin with phonemic awareness skills, which are the building blocks of reading and writing. It enables them to hear all of the differ­ences in the sounds of their spoken language, and to understand how these basic sounds work together to make up words. The students also participate in Art, Computer, Library, Music and Physical Education.

For a tour or more information, please contact Julie Gajewski, School Principal at 688-5323.


Early Kindergarten Program