Generations of Faith

This program is available only to active
Parishioners of St.Gregory the Great Parish.

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Monthly Program for Grades 1-10

Generations of Faith (GOF) is a faith formation program that meets monthly from September through April. This program gives parents the opportunity to learn together with their children by providing activities and resources to help families celebrate our rich Catholic traditions and rituals, learn to pray together, serve others, work for justice, and enrich their relationships as a family.

The GOF approach involves the whole family (children and parents). Each session starts with a shared light meal. The children are dismissed to their grade level catechists while parents have the opportunity to learn together. Parents are expected to fully participate by giving their undivided attention to the speakers, DVD presentations, discussions, etc. Parents adn children continue faith sharing at home with lessons to work on together during the other three weeks of the month when GOF doesn't meet. 

Families can choose one of three GOF program session times: Sunday mornings (Session A), Sunday afternoons (Session B) or Thursday evenings (Session C).  Attendance of student(s) and at least one parent at monthly sessions is required.  Only ONE miss is allowed in case of illness or a death in the family. Coming late or leaving early will be counted as an absence.  We do not allow parents or students to switch sessions to avoid a missed session. All make up work will be avaialbe online on the Fridays following the Thursday session. Make up work and homework must be done by students, not by their parents.

This program may not be for you if .....

· You know your family will be out of town on one or more of the dates classes are scheduled. 
· Your child(ren)'s concerts are always on a Thursday night. (Session C)
· You ski every Sunday during the winter or have season tickets for the Bills. (Session A & B)
· If you need to text, work on papers, or talk to friends during parent sessions.
· Hockey, Soccer, Dancing, Football, Cheerleading, etc takes first priority over a one hour a month faith formation class. (Please note that there are only 8 hours of actual class time required for GOF as compared to 39 hours of class time for our Weekly Program.)

Mission of GOF

A program running September through April in which the primary family faith formation educators of the children are the parents. The entire family joins other families for monthly sessions at the school to learn and grow further in their faith. Attendance (parents and students) at monthly sessions is mandatory.

This program is designed for students in Grades 1-10 as an alternative to our regularly scheduled Family Faith Formation classes. It is designed for families who want to grow in their faith together, and is flexible for those families who cannot attend our Weekly Program.

Program Policies for GOF Students in Grades 1-10:

1. Weekly attendance at Mass as a family. 

2. Monthly attendance for our scheduled session by the student(s) and at least one parent. 

3. Work at home on a weekly basis, 1 hour per child per week, with your children to complete their assignments.

4. Complete and turn in weekly homework each month. 

5. If a family misses our monthly session due to illness or an emergency, the parents agree to contact the coordinator for an assignment to be completed as a family for the topic covered at the monthly session. 

6. Parents agree to take their children during Advent and Lent to the Parish Penance services. 

7. Parents agree to support the monthly projects which are part of the curriculum.

8. Parents agree to adhere to the discipline policies as stated in the handbook.

9. More than one missed month (by student and/or parent) or failure to comply to the above policy, will automatically eliminate participation in this program. The students will then be placed back in a traditional program immediately.

10. For the 2016-17 year, all requests for refunds MUST be made by Wednesday, August 31,2016; NO Refunds for Generations of Faith will be issued after that date.

Reminder: Please bring Catholic Connections Handbook,
Lifeteen Bible & homework assignment to every class!  

   GOF Dates for the 2016-2017 School Year
    All Sessions meet once a month.

   Session A 
   (Sunday morning, 10:30 am - 12:00 noon) 

   Session B 
   (Sunday afternoon, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm) 

   Session C 
   (Thursday evening, 6:15 pm - 7:45 pm)   

   September 11 (Sessions A & B will meet at 10:30 am this once.) 
   October 2
   November 6
   December 4
   January 8
   February 5
   March 5
   April 2 

   September 8
   October 6
   November 10
   December 1
   January 5
   February 9
   March 9
   April 6  

2016-17 Tuition Rates: 

  One Child $190
  Two Children $225
  Three Children $275
  Four or more $300 

2017-2018 Tuition Rates TBA.

This program is available only to active
Parishioners of St. Gregory the Great Parish.


Contact: Joan Rischmiller, DRE