New Parishioners

Welcome to St. Gregory the Great!

Looking to join St. Gregory the Great's Faith Community? The New Parishioner Orientation Committee serves to welcome new members into our parish family and assist them in registering at St. Gregory's. All new parishioners are encouraged to attend one of our monthly get-acquainted gatherings to familiarize themselves with the many ministries, programs and activities within the parish, and to see how St. Gregory's is here to serve them. We welcome family members of all ages to attend. It is hoped that through this process, new members will be successfully and fully integrated into the parish family.

Please see below for the New Parishioner Orientation dates. If you would like to attend an orientation date, please contact Sr. Shawn Czyzycki the Parish Office at (716) 688-5678, or fill out and submit the form below. If you cannot attend one of the New Parishioner Orientation dates but would still like to register, please contact the Parish Office as noted above.

2017-2018 New Parishioner Orientation Schedule

September 10, 2017 after 9:30 am Mass
October 8, 2017 after 9:30 am Mass
November 12, 2017 after 9:30 am Mass
Janaury 14, 2018 after 9:30 am Mass

*No December Social

February 11, 2018 after 9:30 am Mass
March 11, 2018 after 9:30 am Mass
April 15, 2018 after 9:30 am Mass
May 6, 2018 after 9:30 am Mass

June 10, 2018 after 9:30 am Mass
July 8, 2018 after 9:30 am Mass
August 12, 2018 after 9:30 am Mass

Unless otherwise noted, all New Parishioner Welcome Events are held in the Gathering Rooms.

Why Register?

Whether you are new to the area or have been attending Mass at St. Gregory's for years, we encourage you to register. Being a registered parishioner not only means that you are making a commitment to being a part of the parish family, but it also makes the process of receiving Sacraments much simpler, and is necessary if you are asked to be a Godparent or sponsor of a Sacrament recipient. We are also able to send you parish mailings and keep you up-to-date on parish events.