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Family Faith Formation offers Religious Education and Preparation for Sacraments so children can learn the truths of our Catholic Faith and become living disciples of Christ.

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· Little Cherubs · PreK for children ages 3,4 and 5. 
· Children's Catechuminate · FFF Program for unbaptized students or students who need to make up a missed Sacrament.

Family Faith Formation Programs · Available for all Public School Students

Weekly Program
Grades 1-4
Grades 5-8
Grades 9 & 10 

Family Faith Formation Programs
*Available only to active Parishioners of St. Gregory the Great Parish; the student's family must be registered active members of St. Gregory's Parish and attend weekly Mass. In addition,the student must have had good attendance without any discipline problems in his or her previous grade level.

Monthly Program*
Generations of Faith ·Grades 1-10

Summer Programs*
Disciple Camp · Grades 5-8 
High School Summer Program for Grades 9 & 10


   "...So we ask the Lord that all those who come to the Church 
            find the doors open ... to meet this love of Jesus."   
- Pope Francis