As a STREAM pilot school for the Diocese of Buffalo, St. Gregory the Great is committed to providing the best academic excellence for our students to succeed in their futures as part of the 21st century.

STREAM makes our "Great" education better. It makes learning relevant.

"Education breeds confidence.

Confidence breeds hope.

Hope breeds Peace."-Confucius

The components of STREAM include many varied activities supported by our community:

*Visits to the Art, Historical and Science Museums

*Visits to local cultural institutions: Darwin Martin House, Theodore Roosevelt House, The Buffalo Medical Campus, the BPO and many more

*Increased emphasis on technology instruction and integration such as the Hour of Code

*co-curricular programs including Science Kits, Stock Market Math, and integrated engineering and design projects

* specialized extracurricular programs including Robotics, Invention Convention, Arcade Academy, PEAP,Lego Engineering Club, The "R" in STREAM, ceramics, and many more

Our STREAM program is funded by our Home School Association, Parent patrons and businesses and the Diocese of Buffalo. We are grateful for their generosity and commitment to innovative education


S-cience- the why of what we do

T-echnology- the use of scientific knowledge for improving the way to do things

R-eligion- the expression of our faith as an integral component to 21st century Catholic education

E-ngineering- the practical application of science and math to solve problems, and it is everywhere in the world around you

A-rts- a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities through creativity

M-ath- the science that deals with the logic of shape, quantity and arrangement. Math is all around us, in everything we do.

St. Gregs was well represented at the second annual X STREAM Games and Expo, Sunday, December 6, 2015 at St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute. We had robotics and science scrimmage teams participating for awards. Our arcade academy won ribbons and we had a wonderful display of activities our children have been involved in this year. The Bishop came and viewed activities and spoke with many students, including our own, about their projects.

After school STREAM Arcade Academy design pics:

Students in Kindergarten working on an engineering project called "Build a Letter"