2020 Mass Intentions

The deep faith and charity of our St. Gregory the Great Parish community is most evident in the numerous Mass offerings you bring to the parish, especially for your beloved deceased. The abundance of requests often create a problem as the number of requests for Mass intentions far exceeds the number of Masses offered. In fact, we have not been in total compliance with the Code of Canon Law and Diocesan policies based on our current practices. In order to encourage and support the orderly execution of this pious practice we are taking this opportunity to publish our parish policies to be in line with the Code of Canon Law and our Diocesan policies. As we transition from the past we will work with all who seek Mass intentions to handle the request in a way that is just, honorable and in keeping with the laws of the Church.

Canon Law requires the scheduling of one Pro Populo (for the people) on every Holy Day of Obligation (including Sundays). Who are the people? The parishioners, both living and deceased, of St. Gregory the Great.

  • Canon Law prohibits the scheduling of multiple intentions for one Mass. The Diocese of Buffalo does permit two Mass intentions for no more than three Masses in a week (Monday –Sunday). What does this mean? It means that between Monday and Sunday there can be a sum total of three Masses offered with two intentions as long as the intentions are not for the same person.
  • A maximum of five (5) intentions per year for any one individual and from any one individual may be scheduled at the parish. What does this mean? It means that no more than five (5) Masses may be offered for "Jane Doe" and that the "Smith family" may request no more than five (5) Masses to be offered at St. Greg's. Additional Masses may be requested; however, at the discretion of the pastor, they will be sent to smaller parishes which are in need of intentions for their Masses, or they may be sent to retired priests who, even in retirement, are required to offer a daily Mass.
  • Often times when a funeral occurs, many sincere and generous family members of the deceased offer Mass intentions. If the sum of the offerings for the deceased exceeds more than seventy-five dollars (five Masses) the excess monies may be returned to you, or the intention can be forwarded to priests who will celebrate Mass for that intention regardless of the location of the Mass, or finally placed in our "backlog" book to be used when a Mass is available.
  • Lengthy intention listings cannot be published in the Bulletin and must be edited for the sake of brevity. Since the intention in the Bulletin is to notify the family and friends of the intention, we suggest the omission of middle initials, titles, etc. Each intention is limited to either two names or one group name (e.g. John and Jane Doe or the Doe Family). Please, be sure to indicate if the person(s) for whom the Mass is requested is living or dead.

Please complete the form below and mail it to our Parish Office, ATTENTION: 2021 Masses. Only mail-ins will be accepted at this time. The standard stipend for Masses is $15 (check made payable to St. Gregory).

In lieu of a Mass intention you may also commemorate or honor someone by having the offerings for the Host (weekly $55; monthly $220), Wine (weekly $40; monthly $160) and the Sanctuary Candle (weekly $35; monthly $140). These are available for both 2020 and 2021. These offerings are included in the Bulletin, too.

If you have multiple Masses, please send a list with ALL the information and one payment. PLEASE PRINT TO ENSURE ACCURACY.


2020 Mass Intentions