Donate a Gift

One of the best ways you can get involved with the auction is to donate an auction item. There are many ways you can donate an item.  Cash, monetary donations or gift cards are always welcome and can help buy some of our larger items. We have a gift registry at Or in early fall check out the church vestibule for our wish tree where there are many great ideas.

Any donation can be dropped at the church or school office.

Suggestions for gift ideas:

HOME: housewares, framed artwork, lamps, small appliances; ELECTRONICS: TV's, laptops, tablets, speakers, headphones, Apple TV; WINE & DINE: wine baskets, liquor baskets, dinner certificates, theatre or concerts; SPORTS: autographed memorabilia, event tickets, equipment, golf-outings; HANDMADE ITEMS: furniture, needlework, woodwork, anything!!; SERVICES: spa day, catering, landscaping, portrait settings; PERSONAL: jewelry, clothing items, purses, luggage, gift cards; VACATIONS: airline tickets, vacation homes, weekend trips, hotels, golf packages, frequent flyer miles