It's About Time

"Some people spend time. God's people invest time". This is the theme of our parish's Stewardship of Time campaign set for the month of January. Stewardship is the recognition that God has given us countless gifts, and asks us to be generous in giving some of those gifts back to him. Time is the first of his many gifts to us. Time can be not just something that we spend; it can be something we invest. Time is like money in that sense. Sometimes we just spend money, but sometimes we invest our money. We invest our money when we use it with the expectation that there will be some future benefit. We invest our time when we use it with the expectation of a future benefit. The more time we spend in prayer, the stronger our personal relationship with our Father and our Brother Jesus.
We are asking parishioners to make a decision to invest some time in improving their relationship with God, and to fill out a commitment form. You can use the form below or go online to

In gratitude to God for his many gifts to me, and to deepen my relationship with Him.

I plan to...

______ Spend _____ minutes each day in prayer

______ Read the New Testament _____ minutes each week

______ Take part in FIAT, the monthly Eucharistic Conference

______ Attend the parish Lenten Retreat (Sunday, March 7 through Tuesday, March 9)

______ Be a part of the 8-night Mission this Summer (Date in July TBD)

______ Pray the Rosary each day

______ Pray the Divine Mercy chaplet each day

______ Other______________________________________________________________________

Signature (optional)_______________________________

See the form below to compelte and send back to the Parish. 


Time Commitment Form