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View the 2016-2017  FFF Program Calendar 

Virtual Folder  (Download Monthly Class Handouts/Flyers)

· Severe Allergy Action Plan
· Individualized Faith Formation Plan (for Learning Disabilities)
· Security Policy
· Classroom Rules/Dress Code

Registration Forms:
·2016-2017 Registration Form for Catholic High School Students 
· 2016-2017 Registration Form for the Weekly FFF Program

  Volunteer Forms:
· Adult Forms (6 pages)
· Student Forms (3 pages, NOT for VBS)
· 2017 Vacation Bible School (VBS) Student Forms will be available in the Spring of 2017.

Sacramental Forms:

First Penance
Rite of Reconciliation for practice at home! 

First Communion 
·First Communion Rehearsal Notes for practice at home

Confirmation 2017

· Confirmation Packet (Full packet, 7 pages)
     Just need one page from the Confirmation Packet?
      Click on the page you need to download: 
Confirmation Checklist
Confirmation Application
  ·Confirmation Retreat Permission Slip
  ·Qualifications of the Sponsor
  ·Sponsor Information Form
Choosing a Chrisitan Name for Confirmation
  ·Writing a Letter to the Bishop Requesting Confirmation

·2017 Confirmation Timeline

· Confirmation Service Card  (Full Service Record for Confirmation 2017 Candidates) 

· Service Opportunities for High School Students

· Faith Experience Card 

· Confirmation Service or Activity Approval Form (Pre-Approval)

· Dress Code for the Sacrament of Confirmation

For Catholic High School Students:
· Registration Form for Confirmation

Confirmation 2018

· Faith in Action Booklet (Full Service Record)

Just need one page from the Faith in Action Booklet?  Please click here for a single page (double-sided).

· Faith in Action Activities/Faith Experience Card
· Service Opportunities for High School Students

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