Rev. Leon J. Biernat


Rev. Daniel R. Ulmer

Parochial Vicar
Ext. 331

Rev. Joseph Tokasz

Parochial Vicar
(Ext. 310)

Sr. Shawn Czyzycki

Pastoral Associate
(Ext. 335)

Deacon Michael Bochiechio


Deacon Greg Gaulin


Deacon Paul Walter


Deacon Michael Brock

Brian Ruh

Director of Evangelization
(Ext. 313)

Nancy Erdman

Director of Music
(Ext. 308)

Sharbel Simon

Associate Music Director
(Ext. 340)

Ann Marie Ricchiazzi

(Ext. 307)

Jo Pierino

Executive Secretary
(Ext. 301)

Mary Beth Pfeiffer

Director of Parish Business Operations
(Ext. 304)

Nick Langiewicz

Supervisor, Maintenance and Facilities
(Ext. 347)

Jon Eggert

Associate Supervisor Maintenance and Facilities
(Ext. 347)

Ron Kress

Maintenance Associate

Peter Provenzo

Maintenance Assistant

Michael Henseler

Director of Lay and Liturgical Ministries
(Ext. 336)

Marisa Piazza

Director of Communications/HR
(Ext. 303)

Grace Suchyna

(Ext. 305)

Ted Luckett

Interim Principal

Adam Jarosz

Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry
(Ext. 316)

Nicole Janecek

Associate Director Youth Ministry - Middle School
(Ext. 341)

Kaitlyn Hogg

High School Youth Coordinator
(Ext. 338)

Julie Gajewski

Director of Advancement

Michael Ruszala

Director of Family Faith Formation
(Ext. 358)

Lee Zack

Parish Nurse
(Ext. 306)

Kathy Delaney

Store Manager
(Ext. 320)

Margie Smith

Café Manager
(Ext. 317)