Faith Enrichment

Eucharistic Chapel
Students in Grades 1- 8 have the opportunity to visit the Eucharistic Chapel during class time throughout the year.

Family Mass
Students in Grades 4 - 10 can participate in the Family Masses as Lectors, Greeters or as Ushers. Email Mrs. Dawne Vullo to volunteer:
Download Family Mass flyer.

Altar Service
We are excited to announce that the Altar Server Ministry will be returning for Masses in May! All parish children in Grade 4 and up are invited to join us. We will be talking to the students in classes this week to build interest in becoming an Altar Server. If your child is already a server, we still require them to attend the training, as it has been some time since we have been active. We will offer three training sessions and interested children must attend TWO sessions.

Please fill out the Altar Service form and return to the FFF, School or Parish Offices. We look forward to welcoming Altar Servers back to Masses! Thank you for your anticipated cooperation, and may God continue to bless our families!

Parish Children's Choir
Students in Grades 1- 8 can join the Children's Choir.
Download Parish Children's Choir Registration Form