First Penance

Registration for First Penance:
(for all Grade 2 Public AND Catholic school students)
Deadline to register was on January 9.
If you haven't registered, please do so ASAP.
Click here to register.  

First Penance Book Pick Up will be on January 9, from 8:30 am - 11:00 am in the school foyer for students registered for First Penance.

First Penance Mass of Enrollment is scheduled for Sunday, January 17, 9:30 am Mass. Please make every effort to come to this Mass in the Church or watch the livestream online. The children will receive a special blessing during mass.

Date for First Penance: March 3, times TBA.

Download the Rite of Reconciliation to practice at home!

First Penance Final Reminder: First Penance is this Wednesday, March 3 at 5:30 and 6:45pm. Please arrive at the front door of the Church 15 minutes before your scheduled time, which is listed on your First Penance packet. You will be ushered to a pew with your child. Due to Covid19 restrictions, your child may be accompanied by up to 4 family members, all from the same household, and face coverings must be worn. Please leave your First Penance workbook at home, it is yours to keep. We're looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday for this holy Sacrament of First Penance! God bless.

Joan Rischmiller 
(716) 688-5760