2021  Confirmation

For all Grade 10 students (Catholic and Public Schools):
If you are scheduled to be confirmed in Spring of 2021, please make sure you are registered with us so that you receive important information and access to necessary forms. You will receive log in information once you have registered. 

Click here to Register for Confirmation

For candidates signed up for January 23 February 6 and March 13 Retreats:
Please note the following CONFIRMATION RETREAT Update:

Dear Confirmation Parents,
St. Gregory the Great Family Faith Formation is dedicated to maintaining the stability of our Faith-based programming, while ensuring the well-being of our staff, students, families and catechists. The current pandemic situation has impacted in many ways and will continue to impact the faith-community for the foreseeable future.

Confirmation candidates are required to make a retreat as part of their sacramental preparation. Given the pandemic, we have had to consider our course of action to balance the sacramental requirements with health and safety. Our conclusion is that, although not ideal, it would be most prudent to have a retreat that will be done virtually at home. 

Going forward, there will be two parts to the Confirmation Retreat. Both parts are mandatory, and there will be benchmarks in place to ensure that our candidates are fulfilling this requirement as they prepare for Confirmation:

     Part One is a Virtual Retreat that will be available in the Google Confirmation Classroom on February 1. Your child can complete this part of the retreat at their own pace. It will take approximately 2 hours, give or take, for your child to complete all four sections of the Virtual Retreat. A good pace is to complete one section each week, but if it students prefer to complete it all at once- that is fine.  The Virtual retreat componenet must be completed by Saturday, March 6, 2021. 

     Part Two will be a required In-Person Liturgical Service with Fr. Leon on March 20th in the Church. Students are expected to wear masks and stay the entire time.
• 6:45 pm Sign-in (Church Vestibule)
• 7:00 pm Church
• 9:05 pm Dismissal

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

God bless you,
Joan Rischmiller, Director of Family Faith Formation

Catherine Wadhams, Confirmation Coordinator