July 1 Confirmation Instructions
For those scheduled to be confirmed tonight, Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 7 pm in the Church, here are some important points to remember:

  • Everyone must wear a mask
  • Each family will have one pew for five people (Sponsor, Candidate and three other family members)
  • Each party of five must arrive together, at the same time
  • between 6:15 pm and 6:45 pm so we can line you up as a group
  • Once your group of 5 have arrived, your group will be signed in
  • The Church door will be unlocked at 6:15 pm
  • Candidates need to wear their nametag that was mailed to them
  • Everyone must enter through the center Church door
  • We will let one family in the vestibule at a time
  • Each family will be ushered to a pew as directed by the staff

From all of us at FFF...God Bless you and Congratulations!

CONFIRMATION has been rescheduled
We are so pleased to announce that the Sacrament of Confirmation has been rescheduled for the following Wednesdays: July 1, July 8, and July 15 at 7:00 pm in the Church. Candidates will receive a detailed letter and their name tag in the mail with their assigned dates.

In lieu of a Rehearsal, please view this video instructions for the day of Confirmation.  Fr. Leon will explain the procedures, so you will know what to do on the day of Confirmation Instructions for the Day of Confirmation. (Video is approximately 17 minutes long.)

Arrival Time
Please arrive and enter the front doors of the Church between 6:15 pm and 6:45 pm. Everyone must wear a mask and sanitize their hands on the way in. You will be ushered to the pew as you arrive starting from the front of the church. There will not be any assigned seats.

Family Pew of Five
Each student will have one pew for five people:
· Confirmation candidate: Please sit at the end of the pew by the aisle with your sponsor seated next to you.
· Sponsor: If a sponsor cannot be at the Confirmation, a parent can be a proxy.
· Plus three family members (this includes the parents)

For those who cannot attend: All three Confirmations will be streamed live from our parish website ( and on YouTube and can be viewed from home.

Dress Code and Name Tags
Please dress appropriately for the reception of the sacrament. Make sure that your name tag (sent to you by mail along with a detailed letter) is visible on your left shoulder. Your hair needs to be away from your forehead for the anointing with the Chrism Oil.

Communion Time
Please remain in your pew until the usher asks you to stand. The Eucharist will be brought to your pew by a priest or Eucharistic minister. Anyone who is not receiving the Eucharist should remain seated during this time.

Please remain seated until the usher indicates when it's your pew's turn to exit.

Confirmation Certificate
Certificates need to be picked up in the vestibule on your way out of Church. If your child does not pick up their certificate, we cannot record the Confirmation in the Parish Sacramental Book and will assume that they were not present.