First Communion

We are so pleased to announce that First Communion has been rescheduled for July 22, August 13 and September 2, 2020. Letters have sent home with assigned dates.

Here are some important points to remember for First Communion:

  • Your child should be dressed in their First Communion clothes when they arrive.
  • Please- No gloves, purses, flowers etc. should be worn or carried.
  • Everyone must wear a mask.
  • The mass will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Each family will have one pew for five people (the First Communicant and FOUR other family members).


  • Each party of five must arrive together, at the same time
  • between 5:45 pm and 6:15 pm so we can line you up as a group.
  • Once your group of 5 have arrived, your group will be signed in.
  • The Church door will be unlocked at 5:45 pm.
  • Everyone must enter through the center Church door.
  • We will let one family in the vestibule at a time to have their hands sanitized and to pick up:
    • First Communion Certificate
    • Rosary (made by our Ladies of Charity)
    • Ribbon for banner
  • Each family will be ushered to a pew as directed by the staff.

First communicants will be ushered to the altar to receive the Eucharist first.
We will make sure they keep a safe distance.

They will be receiving the Eucharist in their hands only (no Precious Blood) see page 56 in the First Communion Encounter with Christ workbook.

  • They will come forward with their mask on and make a slight bow before the priest says, "The Body of Christ".
  • They will answer, "Amen".
  • The host will be placed in their hand they will lift their mask and
    put the host in their mouth.
  • They will then replace their mask over their mouth and nose.
  • Please remind them to make the sign of the cross,
  • and return to their same seat.

Family members will receive the Eucharist after all the children have received.
The priest will give instructions and come to your pew.

The First Communion mass will be live streamed on our website and on YouTube for other family members and friends to watch from home.

Pictures can be taken by the Grotto or by the Statue of St. Francis before or after the mass. There will not be a group picture because of COVID-19. Please keep social distancing in mind throughout this special day.

From all of us at FFF...God Bless you and Congratulations!

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Joan Rischmiller at