Family of Parishes

Our Family of Parishes

On July 15, 2023, Family of Parishes #19 was formed between St. Pius X Parish in Getzville; Good Shepherd Parish in Pendleton; and St. Gregory the Great Parish in Williamsville. Father Leon Biernat is our Pastor. Father Robert Wozniak has been named Senior Parochial Vicar, and Father Daniel Ulmer has been appointed Parochial Vicar. Father David Baker is our part-time Parochial Vicar.

Winter 2024 -- Pillar Update

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Pastor's Message 7/16/23 -- Forming a Family of Parishes

My Dear Family of St. Pius X, Good Shepherd, and St. Gregory the Great,

This weekend, we embark on a new chapter of parish life and ministry as a Family of Parishes. As we celebrate this weekend, let us give praise and thanks to God for all His wonderful gifts. We are three parishes, all with beautiful and rich histories of living our discipleship in Christ. In each parish community, let us remember and treasure our heritage and all that we, and our ancestors before us, have built and passed on as a strong foundation for our future.

Next, let us pray to recognize God in the present moment. As we celebrate Masses, although in different buildings, may we make the commitment to pray daily for each other and unite ourselves in daily prayer at home as well. We are one as the Body of Christ. In Baptism, we have been joined to each other and to Christ Himself. This oneness as the Body of Christ is our unity, especially as we celebrate the Eucharist.

Finally, may we look to the future filled with hope. I am certain there are fears over the future and speculation of what could happen. There may even be rumors about what is going to happen. I assure you, if there are rumors, there is no truth to them, as we are just beginning our Family this weekend. Please tuck any fears, worries, or concerns into your daily prayers. In short order, we will begin to form the six “Pillars” which will give direction to our Family of Parishes. If you recall, each Pillar will be made up of representatives from each parish. I will share more information with you each week as we begin this journey together.

I am honored and grateful to be chosen as the Pastor of our Family, and I know Father Robert Wozniak, Father Daniel Ulmer, and Father David Baker are also grateful and ready to serve. We ask for your patience, as we are three full-time priests and one part-time priest serving you over three parishes that collectively were used to having five full time priests in total. Patience, prayer, and flexibility will be needed as we work together in this new chapter of history in our parishes and diocese.

May God bless you; our Mother Mary watch over you; and Jesus the Good Shepherd, St. Pius X, St. Gregory the Great, St. Augustine, St. Joseph, and Blessed Carlo Acutis intercede for us always.

— Rev. Leon J. Biernat, Pastor



Family 19 Pillar Update